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Welcome to the first edition of my weekly newsletter.  The purpose of our newsletter is to keep you informed about what I am up to both in Springfield and the District. This newsletter will have everything from legislation working its way through Springfield, to events around the 117th District that I attended or plan on attending. You can stay on top of these newsletters by signing up for our email list; which can be found on my official website I also plan on having a weekly video to go along with this newsletter, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

House Rules
On Tuesday, the House voted on the rules under which it will be operating for the next two years. The House decided that a continuation of the rules, held by the previous General Assembly, was in the best interest of our body. I, along with 52 of my colleagues, opposed this resolution because it has proven to prevent us from operating as a representative democracy should. While this resolution makes each representative’s job just that much more difficult, it is merely a speed bump in the road to getting this state turned around

State of the State
A highlight this week was getting a chance to watch the Governor give his State of the State address on Wednesday. The Governor had a positive and upbeat tone to his speech, highlighting some of the success we’ve seen in education funding and ethics reform. At the same time he was up front and honest about the many challenges we have, most notably being state budget.

Attorney General Wants to Suspend State Workers’ Pay
On Thursday night, Attorney General Madigan submitted a motion to prevent state workers from being paid until the legislature and governor pass a budget. This is a political stunt by the Attorney General, attempting to create a crisis. It is not fair that those state employees, who perform vital services to keep this state running, should be punished because the legislature has failed to do its job.

Stay Connected
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Springfield…. Representative Dave Severin(R-Benton) released a statement today following a motion filed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan to stop pay for state workers while the state has no budget.

“Last night Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed a motion to stop payments to state employees, while the state has no budget,” Severin said. “The timing of this could not be worse. Just as the Senate begins to make legitimate bipartisan progress on a budget, Attorney General Madigan is attempting to manufacture a political crisis.”

Severin says the Attorney General’s motion will cause unnecessary anxiety for state employees and their families. Severin says he supports state employees receiving their paychecks on time and in full.

“This is a confusing flip-flop by Attorney General Madigan,” Severin said. “She has held a different position on this issue before, despite the lack of budget. This action seems quite political to me, and I don’t support her attempt to cause a crisis. State employees are doing their part to keep our services going, and they deserve to be paid for their work.”

Springfield….State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) offered a hopeful tone following the Governor’s State of the State address on Wednesday.
“The Governor struck a really positive tone today,” Severin said. “We have enormous challenges in Illinois, but there have been some successes. There is obviously a lot of work to do, but I think the Governor was honest and up front about that. Even though we have a major budget mess to clean up, we’ve got the opportunity to work together in the 100th General Assembly to move the state forward. Working together will be the key.”
Severin was also encouraged that Governor Rauner has been able to secure record funding for Pre-K through 12th grade public education during first two years of his first-term in office.
“I’m a former long-time school board member, so I have a passion for education and improving our schools,” Severin said. “The Governor has made Pre-K through 12th grade education funding a top priority. Despite the budget impasse, schools in Illinois have received more funding than ever before. I want to keep that going.”
Severin says he was also heartened to hear the Governor reiterate the need for term limits and redistricting reform. The freshman Republican says that entrenched special interests and career politicians have served as a detriment to renewed growth and economic development
“I totally support term limits, so hearing the Governor express his support for that today was encouraging,” Severin said. “I also support the Governor’s effort to enact redistricting reform as well. It’s going to take Constitutional Amendments to get these things done, but I believe we can do it. Term limits and redistricting reform will send a signal that we’re working to fix our broken political system.”
For his part, Severin says the Governor’s overall optimistic tone is hopefully a sign of things to come in the 100th General Assembly.
“I think the Governor is committed to breaking the budget impasse, and I was heartened by his calls to work together and find common ground to fix the issues facing our state,” Severin said. “It will take some effort, but in a bipartisan way we have to find a way to make our state a job creation machine again. We have to start growing, and I believe that I share that goal with our Governor.”


Springfield….Newly-minted State Representative Dave Severin (R-Benton) says he is excited and humbled at the opportunity to serve the citizens of southern Illinois in the Illinois House of Representatives. An inauguration ceremony took place Wednesday morning on the campus of the University of Illinois Springfield, where Severin and 117 other state representatives took the oath of office.

“It’s a thrill and an honor to serve the citizens of southern Illinois in Springfield,” Severin said. “While today is a day to celebrate the swearing in of the 100th General Assembly, it is important to note the humbling size and nature of the tasks at hand.”

Illinois has been without a state budget for more than 18 months, and Severin says political and economic reforms must be a part of any long term solution. Severin says his top priorities are to pass a balanced budget and enact reforms to help create jobs.

“I am going to focus on growing good paying jobs in southern Illinois,” Severin said. “Businesses, families, and students are leaving our area at alarming rates. We have to pass a balanced budget along with necessary economic and political reforms to revitalize our state’s economy.”

Severin is a lifelong resident of Franklin County. He owns All Stars-n-Stitches, an engraving and printing business in Benton. Dave and his wife Penny have been married for 39 years and currently reside in Benton. He says bipartisan cooperation will be necessary to take on the enormous tasks facing the State.

“As a small business owner, I have spent my life bringing people together to solve problems,” Severin said.

“I will work with my colleagues in the legislature to find every way we can to grow good paying jobs in southern Illinois and change the course of Illinois for the better. We can solve our challenges if we all work together.”

Rep. Severin will open his district office in Marion later this month and will soon unveil where he will provide news updates and a contact form where constituents can voice their concerns.